Welcome, to what is definitely not a passing trend. 
Welcome, to sustainable fashion. 
Welcome, to Collections Reloved.  


Isn’t it funny how we treat our clothes in this use-and-throw world? Our love to style a new look everyday leaves us with overflowing wardrobes and the age old issue “I have nothing to wear”.
Guilty as charged, says Nikita Almeida, Founder of Collections Reloved.
At Collections Reloved, we understand your need for a rotating wardrobe and consequently not so light wallets. We specially curate fashion items that are nearly new (sometimes brand new but never used) and have been lying silent in someone’s wardrobe. Right from the best brands of clothes to handbags to accessories - we’ve got them all.
Every preloved item goes through a stringent quality check to make sure it is in excellent condition and carefully priced considering its brand and its usage - making it friendly on your wallet, and wardrobe.


Nikita's fashion evolution towards sustainability started while she was living in Dubai and building her career as a marketing professional. 
Being conscious of not just her style, but also its impact on the planet is what led her to preloved shopping. Fashionable finds and the satisfaction of reducing her financial and fashion waste, is what got her hooked.

On moving to Bangalore, India - she was driven to make shopping for sustainable fashion a practical lifestyle and so convenient, that it’s at your fingertips!


Because you’d be making a statement; and not just a fashion one.
You’d be part of a small, yet growing sustainable community who stylishly, economically and consciously choose to extend the life of these beautiful items. And a great side effect is the substantial amount of money you can save!
Recommending us to your friends and family will help grow this eco-fashionable community and make Collections Reloved their first choice for online shopping.