What is Preloved?

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Let's start by defining "PRELOVED" :

(ˈpriːˌlʌvd ) adjective. informal.

previously owned or used; second-hand.

Preloved shopping is about buying items that someone else has owned (and possibly loved) before. The items may have been used (heavily or lightly) or they may be in new mint condition.


Facts why shopping preloved is oh so cool:

*AFFORDABLE* as the prices on your favourite brands can drop 50% or even more! You may find pieces that you normally would not be able to afford. 

It is *GREEN*! It reduces textile waste. 80% of textiles go to landfill and only 20% is properly recycled! 

It's your very own *TREASURE HUNT*; you never know what you may find! Some items might be from other decades / other countries and you wouldn’t usually find them in regular stores.


"Why should I spend xx on a preloved item when I can get a brand new item for the exact same price during those end of season sales?"

Fast fashion is tempting and we get it. When you're struggling between the two and the breaking argument is the close pricing -> Well here are some hard truths of shopping preloved:

- Items are already in circulation
- Don't add to the fashion waste
- No additional resources used
- Items are still in excellent condition
- Save money and enjoy bargain prices on your favorite brands!

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