Needs vs Wants.

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As a child, my parents always taught me the value of money and the difference between #NeedsVsWants . This got inbuilt into my spending habits leading me to always think twice (sometimes thrice ) before a splurge.

However, a #Sale is a great deal, right? #Buy2Get1Free is a saving, right? 🤔


Let's shift the thinking. ⠀

My money is mine to spend / save. But #resources, well that belongs to everyone (read as "currently living and also future generations") And so now my thinking has moved from "Woohoo 2 tops for the price of 1" to "Do I need to add more items to my overflowing wardrobe?" ⠀

Every single piece of clothing, from a sock to a party gown, has in it resources of fabric and electricity and labour and water and transportation to that pretty store.

Are you going to wear it enough to do justice to all those inputs?

There are preloved items already in circulation which still have life in them, choose to Relove. 💛

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